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programming all time and taking a bread for the lunch hahaha... When you are engaging your work, nobody can attract you doing another thing. Otherwise, should should move to other jobs or are not interested in your job enough.

Unveil magic of hibernate lazy loading

SQL logging in hibernate

Recently we have discussed about the performance of retrieving collections/relations/associations inside objects. By the way, we also review the machinery that hibernate handles these relational concepts to improve the effectiveness of database operations. One of the techniques being implemented in ...

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Rename a MySQL database

Rename database in phpmyadmin

Once day you want to rename your database in MySQL for whatever reason. How can you do this idea? via phpMyAdmin From phpMyAdmin, we often rename a database by applying the following steps: Select database on the left side bar/tree ...

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How to create an Executable Jar File

How to create an executable jar file

In Java programming, it is common to combine several classes in one .jar (“java archive”) file.  Library classes are released in this fashion which these classes are packed into a single jar file so that it can be used flexible ...

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How to run JAR packaged applications

java -cp YourApp.jar YourClass

A few questions can be questioned when someone wants to learn Java programming. For example, how is its independent on working environment? How can we create a standalone program? How to run a Java program? etc. This post will answer ...

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Highlight text in LaTeX

How to highlight text in LaTeX

Purpose: Use the LaTeX soul package to highlight text in a LaTeX document. Suppose you want to provide a highlight color or background color for text in a LaTeX document. A good example is when you want to highlight the ...

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Automatic, clever references with cleveref

Using Cref for citation of references

(Tiếng Việt) Tính năng này rất quan trọng vì: trong khi tạo các tham chiếu đến Table, Figure, Equation... bạn không nhớ đã ghi Table hay table hay TABLE etc. Và đó là lí do chúng ta muốn tự động hóa việc thêm các prefix phù hợp cho các đối tượng tham chiếu.

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Add plugins or extensions to LibreOffice

Extension Manager - Add ePub Successfully

(Tiếng Việt) Thêm các tính năng mở rộng cho LibreOffice: Tôi có nhu cầu chuyển đổi các file văn bản .odt hoặc .doc sang dạng epub để tiện cho việc đọc trên các thiết bị chạy Android. ePub là một chuẩn mới để làm sách điện tử.

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What is GPU Process in Chrome’s Task Manager

GPU Process Chrome in Task Manager

Tieng Anh The GPU process is a process used only when Chrome is displaying GPU-accelerated content. Chrome uses GPU to accelerate web-page rendering, typical HTML, CSS, and graphics elements. In the latest chrome, even the video was offloaded to the ...

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Launching Google Chrome or Chromium causes Ubuntu logout immediately

Linux Mint Mate Lockscreen

Có trường hợp khởi động Google Chrome hoặc Chromium làm cho Ubuntu/Linux Mint logout ngay lập tức. Các chương trình khác dù đang chạy nhưng hệ thống vẫn tự động đăng xuất. Trường hợp này khá hi hữu. Nếu lướt ...

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What is e-commerce?


Nowadays, this term is defined as various of views. As a scientist, I would like to simplify it as much as possible. Loosely speaking, e-commerce (also written in forms eCommerce or E-commerce) is a business process done via internet.

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