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I love making new professional acquaintances. Don't hesitate to contact me via nguyenvungoctung@gmail.com if you want to talk about information technology, education, and research on complex networks analysis (i.e., metabolic networks analysis), data analysis, and applications of graph theory. Specialties: researching and proposing innovative business approaches to organizations, evaluating and consulting about usability engineering, training and employee development, web technologies, software architecture.

Measure running time a routine in Python

Compute the running time of your program in Python

I think this helps us a lot for estimation of how long a program runs in Python. When dealing with a huge amount of data, it takes long time. Showing the running time, started time and end time are useful ...

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Make your YouTube videos loop and autoplay

Chương trình nghe nhạc YouTube tự động và lặp lại

How do you make your interested YouTube videos or playlist autoplay and loop forever? By googling a while, I found a way for doing this although I think that it could be difficult for a number of audiences. However, it ...

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How to install the latest Skype on Linux Mint

Skype (R) 4.3 for Linux

Skype is a Microsoft Software for calling, seeing, messaging and sharing with others. Open a Shell Terminal emulator window Run the following command: [crayon-5c69348157e46593037362-i/]

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How to create clickable SVG

This page gives us basic steps to create a scalable vector graphics (SVG) that could add hyperlinks, popup, tooltips, or some effects (so-called clickable image). We can use the power of SVG to create interactive images. Adding links to SVG ...

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What’s New in JDK 8

Java Oracle 8

Java Platform, Standard Edition 8 is a major feature release. This document summarizes features and enhancements in Java SE 8 and in JDK 8, Oracle’s implementation of Java SE 8. Click the component name for a more detailed description of ...

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Radiation, microwaves and cancer


  http://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancercauses/radiationexposureandcancer/radiofrequency-radiation http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-cancer/cancers-in-general/cancer-questions/radiation-microwaves-and-cancer https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/radiofrequencyradiation/healtheffects.html http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-dangers-of-microwave-radiation-cannot-be-ignored/24342 http://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/bhcv2/bhcpdf.nsf/ByPDF/Microwave_ovens_safety_issues/$File/Microwave_ovens_safety_issues.pdf http://www.uen.org/cte/family/functional_foods/downloads/microwave/advantage.pdf

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Is this world small?

The average person needs just 4.74 'hops' to get to anybody in the world, be it a Hollywood star or a peasant living in the rural China. The figure has gone down from 5.28 in 2008 and has been caused by the rise in social networking and sharing websites. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2064746/Facebook-shrinks-degrees-separation-just-FOUR.html#ixzz3ojmUWBKX Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Sorry, this entry is only available in Vietnamese.

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What exactly is RESTful programming?

Basic operations of RESTful architecture

We have heard a lot of people talking about RESTful services. In order to explain it in the simplest way, we think it is a difficult task. This post aims at showing its most basic features and how it works. ...

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Shortcut keys in Microsoft Word

All about shortcut keys in Microsoft Word

Trong lúc soạn thảo văn bản, chúng ta thường xuyên sử dụng những tổ hợp phím tắt thực hiện một tính năng nào đó nhằm tăng độ thao tác. Bài viết giới thiệu phần lớn các tổ hợp phím tắt ...

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Deploy a e-commerce website using open sources

Hình 13: Giao diện cho người quản trị

Làm thế nào để triển khai một giải pháp thương mại điện tử? Bạn chọn giải pháp nguồn mở hay phát triển ngay từ đầu từ con số không. Nội dung bài này hướng dẫn cho các bạn cách triển ...

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