What is Biology

http://www.ntnu.edu/biology/what_is_biology http://www.kwantlen.ca/science/biology/what_is_biology.html http://www.wisegeek.org/what-is-biology.htm#slideshow http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biology

The Role of Statistical Methods in Computer Science and Bioinformatics

I post here the article discusses the role of statistical methods in computer science and bioinformatics. This work presents in details the importance and needs of the techniques using in…

BI7543 Bioinformatics II: Protein Structure

BI7543 Bioinformatics II: Protein Structure Credits: 3.00 Description: The course explores protein-folding representations; databases of protein-folding classes; secondary structure prediction; tertiary structure prediction via computer-folding experiments threading; homology model building;…

BI7533 Bioinformatics I: Sequence Analysis

BI7533 Bioinformatics I: Sequence Analysis Credits: 3.00 Description: This course covers computer representations of nucleic acid and protein sequences; pairwise and multiple alignment methods; available databases of nucleic acid and protein…

Force directed Graph Layout

http://www.mathiasbader.de/studium/bioinformatics/ Thử cái này vào dự án của mình xem sao, thằng em này nó share cả code nè 🙂

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