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Deploying a Grails App in a standalone Tomcat Docker container

Dockerise Grails apps in a standalone Tomcat Docker container

Recently, I have written the post to keep how to dockerise Grails apps with an embedded Tomcat. However, we are entirely able to run Grails apps in a standalone Tomcat, particularly deployed in Kubernetes or Docker environment. In this post, ...

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Deploying your first web application to Tomcat on Docker

Deploy web apps on Tomcat running in a Docker container

Before reading this post, you are expected to be familiar with deploying a web-based application to Tomcat or any similar web container. To add another way of deploying your web applications, I am going to show you how to deploy ...

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How to add a manifest file to jar file

JAR files support a wide range of functionality, including electronic signing, version control, package sealing, and others. What gives a JAR file this versatility? The answer is the JAR file's manifest. The manifest is a special file that can contain information about the files packaged in a JAR file. By tailoring this "meta" information that the manifest contains, you enable the JAR file to serve a variety of purposes. This post will explain the contents of the manifest file and show you how to work with it, with examples for the basic features:

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