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An annoyed error needed to be paid more attention when using RestBuilder grails plugin

In the previous post about consuming web services in Grails using RestBuilder grails plugin, I explained how to set up a call to the remote service provider. However, I have recently encountered an annoying error as reported on its GitHub ...

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How to consume web service from Grails 4 applications

consume web service from Grails 4

Recently, I have shared my experience in using grails 2.5.x to consume RESTful API/WebServices. In addition, to know how to retrieve remote data via RESTful WebServices with Grails 3 or 4 is an added value for your resume so as ...

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How to build and render data in JSON format with Grails

The graphical representation of the illustrated application

Nowadays, an awful lot of web based applications are using JSON as a principal data to load and render information rapidly. While some applications store data into persistence volume as JSON string, the others still use relational databases as the ...

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How to consume web services in Grails

Frankly, implementing RESTful API endpoints/services is a vital part of any modern web-based applications these days because of inherent advantages of this technology. However, how do you consume RESTful services if you are a client/user? There are several approaches to ...

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