Using JavaScript console better

The console object provides access to the debugging console (e.g., the Web console in Firefox). The specifics of how it works vary from browser to browser or server runtimes (Node.js, for example), but there…

Popular shorthand techniques in JavaScript

The shorthand techniques can help you to write optimized code and let you achieve your goal with less coding. Let’s discuss some of the shorthand tips and tricks of JavaScript…

Understanding React Rendering: Part 2 – Improve rendering in React apps

In the recent post about understanding how React renders components, we presented how React renders UI elements and also raised awareness of the fact that React renders everything when only…

Understanding React Rendering: Part 1 – When Does React Re-render UI elements?

One of the key features of React is its ability to update the user interface efficiently by re-rendering components when there are changes to the state or props. However, this…

What are the differences between reactstrap and react-bootstrap in React?

reactstrap and react-bootstrap, they are packages based Bootrstrap framework for React developers. As developers, we can use either of them. However, it is important to remember that we should keep consistent.

(English) Understanding data type of dictionary in JavaScript

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Getting started with Log4j2

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Sử dụng các thuộc tính của hệ thống hay ứng dụng trong Grails

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Những tổ hợp phím tắt và lệnh hữu ích thông dụng trong Emacs

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(English) How to add a manifest file to jar file

(English) JAR files support a wide range of functionality, including electronic signing, version control, package sealing, and others. What gives a JAR file this versatility? The answer is the JAR file’s manifest.

The manifest is a special file that can contain information about the files packaged in a JAR file. By tailoring this “meta” information that the manifest contains, you enable the JAR file to serve a variety of purposes.

This post will explain the contents of the manifest file and show you how to work with it, with examples for the basic features: