Solve "BOOTMGR is missing" error in Windows

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Unfortunately, my laptop was not enable to access Windows 7 after merging two partitions in Ubuntu. This was beginning to annoy me a little bit. Although I had have a little bit of worry, I just thought the problem to be repaired in a few of minutes. In contrast, I spent a lot of time to google and find the right way to resolve this problem. I stick here the useful links to some ones have to face this error.

Normally, we immediately think that there are some tools running in Ubuntu for us to diagnose troubleshootings. For instances, it is ntfsprogs. However, this medicine is not enough robust to treat the issue.

I can summarise three essential commands to repair “BOOTMGR is missing” as following:
Step1: Find the way to retrieve the command line of repairing mode in Windows using DVD source or Hiren Boot CD
Step 2: Type three commands in that order

bootrec /FixMbr
bootrec /FixBoot
bootrec /RebuildBcd


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