Working with Windows Boot Loader in Windows 7

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If google just the keywords “Windows Boot Loader”, you will get so many results so that you don’t know which should be chosen. I met the problem with Windows Boot Loader after installing EasyBCD.  As described in a recent post, I wanted GRUB2 to manage boot menu of dual boot system. Although I had installed EasyBCD in Windows 7 to manage both, it didn’t recognize Ubuntu’s partition.

After fixing GRUB2 successfully, I removed EasyBCD out Windows 7. However, at the moment the boot menu displayed, I chose Windows 7 and Windows boot loader still existed to request me choosing more (because EasyBCD was managing Windows boot loader). Thus an idea emerged in my mind to edit or customize Windows Boot Loader. I found a good solution and shared it for somebody.

The utility I had ever used is Visual BCD Editor. You should read carefully guides on the website before conducting experiments. Actually this tool is very easy to use. The other way to see the list of the bootable partitions is the command bcdedit

Below are some useful links I thought good for you to use for fixing your system.

  1. Modifying the Windows 7 boot loader with the Boot Configuration Data Editor tool
  2. Windows 7 – Dual Boot – Change OS Name in Windows Boot Manager
  3. How to Dual Boot Windows 7 and Linux using BCDEdit
  4. Windows 7 – Adding Ubuntu to the boot manager

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