PHP 5 Social Networking

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PHP 5 Social Networking
PHP 5 Social Networking

This book was published by Packt Publishing in October 2010. PHP 5 Social Networking addresses the main features to build and maintain a social network application. Reading this book help us to create a powerful and dynamic Social Networking website in PHP by building a flexible framework.


Michael Peacock is a web developer from Newcastle, UK and has a degree in Software Engineering from the University of Durham.

About this book

  • Build a flexible Social Networking framework using PHP which can be extended to fit the needs of any Social Networking site
  • Develop a suitable structure for our framework, with MVC to structure the architecture and a Registry to store core Objects
  • Allow users to connect and communicate with each other using communication with friends list, flexible user profiles, messages, discussions, and much more
  • Plan marketing and scaling strategies, to entice more users and ensure the site can cope with the demand
  • Packed with real-world code and clear explanation, this book uses an ongoing case study for creating a Social Networking framework

Who This Book Is For

This book is primarily aimed at PHP developers, but is suitable for any web developers looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of Social Networking concepts. Intermediate knowledge of PHP and object-oriented programming is assumed, along with a basic knowledge of MySQL.

What You Will Learn

  • Plan, develop, and extend a flexible light-weight PHP Social Networking framework
  • Implement a style of the Model-View-Controller architectural design pattern
  • Manage core functionality with the Registry design pattern
  • Make a registration and authentication process, allowing users to join the network
  • Enable users to connect with each other using friend lists, messages, flexible profiles with status updates, and much more
  • Construct a stream of updates informing users of what is happening in their Social Network
  • Allow users to customize their profiles
  • Allow users to post content on each other’s profiles
  • Protect your Social Network from spam
  • Keep and maintain regular backups of your site
  • Marketing and Search Engine Optimization tips for your Social Network
  • Scaling hints and tips for when the Social Network becomes popular
  • Develop an API to extend the platform and interact with other Social Networks

In Detail

Social Networking has quickly become a very popular activity on the Internet, particularly with the emergence of sites like Facebook and MySpace. PHP is a flexible web development language used on a wide variety of sites, including Facebook and Yahoo! But building a social networking site from scratch using PHP involves some complex logic, and also some serious coding. This book will demonstrate how to create, maintain, and extend a powerful social network site. It shows how to create your own flexible social networking framework, allowing users to sign up, customize their profile, befriend other users, share information, communicate, interact with one another, and much more. Taking best practices, such as object-oriented programming, and the Model-View-Controller architecture, this book will begin by walking through the development of a simple development framework, which is then used to rapidly build a Social Networking platform, building upon the social features chapter by chapter. At the end of this book, you will have a powerful Social Networking platform loaded with many features which can take the user from signing up and connecting with other users to posting and sharing information. With an API in place, the platform can be extended and used by other Social Networks. This book does not just stop with the code and the logic behind it; useful supplementary information is also covered, such as marketing the Social Network, keeping Search Engine Optimization in mind when developing, backing up and maintaining the site, and how to deal with large amounts of traffic through scaling. By the end of this book, you will be left fully prepared to build, manage, maintain, and extend a powerful Social Network for your business, hobby, organization, family, and clients.