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Online learning resources and tutorials for Grails learners

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Since joining in EMBL-EBI as a software engineer, I have been worked with Grails for two years and a half in all my passion for this amazing framework. There has been a boring issue is that Grails official documentation and hands-on tutorials are not regularly maintained as Java and Python programmers community, for instance. Having said that, Grails founders and affiliates am trying to complete the official website of Grails by providing utilities as well as complete tutorials whereby you can find some commonly used practices.

I would gather the list of handy links in this post that you might be interested. The order of these resources could vary in different need, but the post replies on the most visits I guessed.


The most visited site where you can find out every corner of Grails is its official site. According to the older versions’ sites, Grails 3 has been improving the official site much gradually by proving subdomains and subdirectories to differentiate services provided by Grails founders, developers as well as programmers. By dropping over this site, you would be easy to scan the official documentation or find well-instructed guides. To our project named Jummp, grails 2.3.11 documentation could be accessed via the other link while the other its clone, called biomodels-on-jummp is running under grails 2.5.5.

Grails Team Blog

This directory is recording the updates of Grails team at OCI. We might find interesting writings about using Grails plugins,  updating Grails’ new features, etc. Also noticed that OCI is a US-based company in St. Louis serving, consulting and providing cutting-edge technologies based solutions. Its Grails team includes highly qualified software engineers and developers who are the core engineers of Grails and Groovy co-founders. This company often organise live webinars about the updates amid Grails and Groovy. that are also recorded for someones not able to join the online lectures.

Highly qualified bloggers

Sergio Del Amo
I took to participate in the two-day workshop about Modern Grails 3 Application in Madrid, Spain in March 2018. The Spanish instructor has tough knowledge of Grails and Groovy ecosystems. We can visit his latest writings and contributions to Grails communities via his personal page, Groovy Calamari or his GitHub.

Burt Beckwith
He is one of Grails’s co-founders. Although his site has not been updated for a year, it retains a lot of useful writings about underlying techniques implemented in grails core and widely used grails plugins. You also find his contributions on Grails’ communication channel on Stackoverflow.

Hubert A. Klein Ikkink
As a Dutch, he admitted he is a passionate Groovy in his homepage. His posts are various from basic concepts to advanced tips/tricks I believe they are actually handy for us in writing Grails and Groovy-based applications.

Final words

Knowledge is endless, therefore, we highly appreciate your constructive comments if the list doesn’t include your favourite learning resource links into the comment channels.

Hope you enjoy reading my writing.

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