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Python by Example: Learning to Program in 150 Challenges

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This post is going to introduce a new book about Python programming via examples.

Python is the present quickest developing programming language. This drawing in and refreshingly unique guide separates the aptitudes into clear bit by bit pieces and clarifies the hypothesis utilizing brief straightforward language. As opposed to hoodwinking perusers with pages of mind-desensitizing specialized language, this book incorporates 150 commonsense difficulties, placing the force in the peruser’s hands. Through making projects to understand these difficulties the peruser will rapidly advance from acing the rudiments to unhesitatingly utilizing subroutines, a graphical UI, and connecting to outside content, CSV and SQL documents. This book is ideal for any individual who needs to figure out how to program with Python. Specifically, understudies beginning in software engineering and educators who need to improve their trust in Python will discover here a lot of instant difficulties for study hall use.

Python by Example: Learning to Program in 150 Challenges

➤Part I: Learning Python
➤Challenges 1 – 11: The Basics
➤Challenges 12 – 19: If Statements
➤Challenges 20 – 26: Strings
➤Challenges 27 – 34: Maths
➤Challenges 35 – 44: For Loop
➤Challenges 45 – 51: While Loop
➤Challenges 52 – 59: Random
➤Challenges 60 – 68: Turtle Graphics
➤Challenges 69 – 79: Tuples, Lists and Dictionaries
➤Challenges 80 – 87: More String Manipulation
➤Challenges 88 – 95: Numeric Arrays
➤Challenges 96 – 103: 2D Lists and Dictionaries
➤Challenges 105 – 110: Reading and Writing to a Text File
➤Challenges 111- 117: Reading and Writing to a CSV File
➤Challenges 118 – 123: Subprograms
➤Challenges 124 – 132: Tkinter GUI
➤Challenges 133 – 138: More Tkinter
➤Challenges 139 – 145: SQLite
➤Part II: Chunky Challenges
➤Challenge 146: Shift Code
➤Challenge 147: Mastermind
➤Challenge 148: Passwords
➤Challenge 149: Times Table (GUI)
➤Challenge 150: Art Gallery

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