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How to change font size for text shown on arcs in D3Js

A bubble chart built in D3js with the forced layout algorithm

Have you ever asked how to change the size of the text displayed on elements of a D3JS plot so far? After a bit touch search and discovery, I believe this trick isn’t explicitly addressed in anywhere of D3JS documentation ...

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How to create clickable SVG

This page gives us basic steps to create a scalable vector graphics (SVG) that could add hyperlinks, popup, tooltips, or some effects (so-called clickable image). We can use the power of SVG to create interactive images. Adding links to SVG ...

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Crop to Selection with GIMP

Chọn vùng cần xén

  Under construction  

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Introduction to an open image editor GIMP

Layout các cửa sổ trong GIMP

Giới thiệu Chắc những ai đã quen sử dụng Adobe Photoshop sẽ cảm thấy khó chịu khi sử dụng hệ điều hành nguồn mở Linux (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora…) mà không có bản Adobe Photoshop tương ứng. Haha… Các bạn ...

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