Programming with SDL and OpenGL

Introduction and how to compile an simple program in SDL-OpenGLMouse coordinates SDL using UnProject and Project (glu). More detailed information here.

Installing PHP5, MySQL and Apache on Ubuntu

Để lập trình web sử dụng PHP và MySQL trên Ubuntu, chúng ta nên sử dụng XAMPP. Xem trên trang này, chúng ta sẽ biết cách cài đặt. Khá đơn…

Fundamentals of Computer Graphics Courses

SMD159 Fundamentals of Computer Graphics Course Home Page, Spring 2004 (Java3D)CSC 418/2504 Computer Graphics, Winter 2008

References to do report

Graph Editor – a brief discussion about node, edge, selection and move tools.Tutorials – Raw J3D – discusses on the principal 3D graphics in Java

Interaction with Mouse in OpenGL (Part 2)

In fact, transformations are relative to the object. You need to keep track of your transforms and move things as appropriate for the current state of the model view matrix.…

Some notes working with Common Lisp

1. When using multiple-value-bind, there are some values that we don’t need. We can ignore the warning “The variable x, y,… is never used…”. Below is an example:(defun my-round (x)…

Interaction with Mouse in OpenGL (Part 1)

Cytoscape Selection Objects ( BioLayout Express 3D, click here to get more details of BioLayoutJava Interactive Graph Drawing is an open source for drawing interactive graph drawing on the WWW,…

Technology terms in Graphics Processing

Rasterization or Rasterisation is the task of taking an image described in a vector graphics format (shapes) and converting it into a raster image (pixels or dots) for output on…


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OpenGL Programming with GLFW

OpenGL: Overview from An OpenGL Library: to OpenGL: GLFW at for GLFW: