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Popularly Used Commands In Vim

Screen at starting VIM with --startuptime vim.log

Which editor do you like best and use on a daily basis? If I have to say, Vim is a pretty great text editor for everyone who enjoys working with nix-based environments. However, learning to use it in an efficient ...

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Column Edit Mode in VIM

Demonstration of editing text in column mode with Vim

Typing in column mode in editors is sometimes actually useful. How many times have you wanted to replace columns of text with something? You can do this utility with common programming editors like IntelliJ IDEA, TextMate or Sublime. VIM also ...

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vi Editor

Working with Unix-based operating systems, most users is more or less familiar with vi editor. The vi editor is available on almost Unix systems where it uses the standard alphabetic keys for commands. Therefore, we can start it from any type ...

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