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I love making new professional acquaintances. Don't hesitate to contact me via nguyenvungoctung@gmail.com if you want to talk about information technology, education, and research on complex networks analysis (i.e., metabolic networks analysis), data analysis, and applications of graph theory. Specialties: researching and proposing innovative business approaches to organizations, evaluating and consulting about usability engineering, training and employee development, web technologies, software architecture.

Programming with Common Lisp

Algorithms & Data Structures: Lecture NotesA Short Course in Common LispLISP – Data StructuresNotes about Purely Functional Data StructuresProgrammation Fonctionnelle et Symbolique

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Solutions for moving selected objects in OpenGL

Moving selected objects in OpenGLNehe – Lesson 30From lisp hackerMouse event handlers

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Research algorithms to optimize the placements

1. Find the longest cycle in the graph Depth First Search (DFS) (applying to find the cycle) Finding cycles in a directed graph (newsgroup and mailing list archives in the net) How to detect circle in a directed graph Finding ...

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Websites should discovery

Good coders code, greate reuseDreamsongsEverythingSo Jakes Say

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Swarm Programming

Swarm Computing

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Python Programming for Beginners

Python Programming

(Tiếng Việt) Để bắt đầu lập trình với Python, bạn nên đọc nhanh bài báo sau được đăng trên tạp chí Linux Python Programming for Beginners. Một số tài nguyên tham khảo có thể giúp học Python như sau:

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OpenGL Programming in Linux: GLX and Xlib

Xlib is a library which provides functions for applications running under the X Window System (also referred to as X). This includes window management as well as event handling. X is a network orientated system: An application which is running ...

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Drawing simple shapes with perspective

Drawing simple shapes with perspective Shared via AddThis

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How To Start With Cpp In Linux


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OpenGL Programming


Introduction freeglut vs OpenGlut freeglut and OpenGlut are open sources to the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) library. OpenGL is a sibling of freeglut which belongs to some members of freeglut team. freeglut vs GLUT GLUT (pronounced like the glut in ...

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