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Building a Web Server in VirtualBox

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Using Feedparser in Python to read RSS

BioModels' Models of The Month RSS feeds

In this post, we will take a closer look at how to fetch and parse syndicated feeds with Feedparser library in Python. The detailed documentation of this library can be found here. As usual, the post will begin with an ...

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How to install the latest Skype on Linux Mint

Skype (R) 4.3 for Linux

Skype is a Microsoft Software for calling, seeing, messaging and sharing with others. Open a Shell Terminal emulator window Run the following command: sudo su -c “apt-get install skype”

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What exactly is RESTful programming?

Basic operations of RESTful architecture

We have heard a lot of people talking about RESTful services. In order to explain it in the simplest way, we think it is a difficult task. This post aims at showing its most basic features and how it works. ...

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Should we accept carelessly other applications connecting to your facebook?

List all other applications connecting your facebook and settings.

Thấy BS Hồ Hải khuyến cáo việc có người gởi message để xem video nói xấu về bác ấy nhưng yêu cầu click vào một link khác mới có thể xem được. Đây là trò mèo của tụi muốn làm ...

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What is GPU Process in Chrome’s Task Manager

GPU Process Chrome in Task Manager

Tieng Anh The GPU process is a process used only when Chrome is displaying GPU-accelerated content. Chrome uses GPU to accelerate web-page rendering, typical HTML, CSS, and graphics elements. In the latest chrome, even the video was offloaded to the ...

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Launching Google Chrome or Chromium causes Ubuntu logout immediately

Linux Mint Mate Lockscreen

Có trường hợp khởi động Google Chrome hoặc Chromium làm cho Ubuntu/Linux Mint logout ngay lập tức. Các chương trình khác dù đang chạy nhưng hệ thống vẫn tự động đăng xuất. Trường hợp này khá hi hữu. Nếu lướt ...

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Kiểm tra cổng đang kết nối trên Windows

Kiểm tra những kết nối và cổng chiếm dụng trên Windows, chúng ta có thể dùng lệnh:netstat -an, để kiểm tra những cổng đang lắng nghe hoặc:netstat -o, để liệt kê danh sách mã số các tiến trình (Process ID) ...

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Using Google Bookmarks on Google Chrome

You are hack on Google Chrome. How do you store favourites (bookmarks) in Google Chrome? This post introduces use of Google Bookmarks in storing and retrieving web pages you want to read later. Bookmark your favorite pages – Using Google ...

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