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Daily Archives: 08/04/2020

Event Delegation trong jQuery

What is Event Delegation?

Event delegation là cách để giải quyết vấn vấn đề: trong những đoạn html được cập nhật bằng ajax (ajax updated content). Tham khảo https://learn.jquery.com/events/event-delegation/ https://blog.revathskumar.com/2013/10/jquery-on-avoid-losing-event-binding-for-ajaxed-contents.html Click doesn’t work after AJAX load – jQuery

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How to change default server port for Grails application

An Grails application started successfully

As a web developer, all of us are aware of the number 8080 as the holy port nobody can forget. In Grails based applications, there is no exception at all. For some reasons, we might need to run multiple grails ...

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