Some useful features never used frequently in Emacs

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Emacs is a programmable editor. You can customize it as much as possible by adding or removing some macros or your own functions. Some useful features never used frequently in Emacs. This post includes these features for you.

[01] Reload or refresh a current file reading
If you are configuring your emacs via editing .emacs file, it should use this feature to refresh a reading file without closing and reopening it. This means that we want to keep Emacs running and to reload the files opening. Currently, I have found two ways:
The 1st way: C-x C-v Return/Enter
The 2nd way: M-x revert-buffer

[02] Set the underscore (“_”) is as a part of word
You recognize the underscore not to be a part of words in Emacs. By double-clicking on the words containing underscores, you never choose whole word because the underscore is not considered as a part of word. That also shows at moving the cursor word by word. More especially, Emacs gives a incorrect result in counting the number of words in a selected region. For instance, Emacs will give 4 in the text “Agv Tgdh_p ATP”.

We change Emacs by adding the line: (modify-syntax-entry ?_ “w”) into .emacs configuration file.

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