Fastest way to get the first n elements of a List into an Array

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def s = ‘Hello Groovy world!’
assert s.take(5) == ‘Hello’
assert s.drop(6) == ‘Groovy world!’


Let’s assume an arbitrary list/array:

in_list = list(range(10))
// Python2: in_list = range(10)
// in_array = [i for i in range(10)]

Slicing the list

n = 5
top5 = in_list[:5]
  • To slice a list, there’s a simple syntax: array[start:stop:step]
  • You can omit any parameter. These are all valid: array[start:]array[:stop]array[::step]

Slicing a generator




From my perspective, this operation is often requested in real applications. Beware of existing solutions is probably useful and necessary because we could need either of them in your coming projects.


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