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Monthly Archives: Friday June 26th, 2020

Add git branch name to bash prompt

https://coderwall.com/p/fasnya/add-git-branch-name-to-bash-prompt https://medium.com/fuzzy-code/show-current-git-branch-in-terminal-macos-e319e88046a6 View the code on Gist. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17333531/how-can-i-display-the-current-branch-and-folder-path-in-terminal https://www.codementor.io/tips/8142473421/add-colors-and-show-git-branches-in-your-bash-terminal-osx-

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Compile and link C++ source codes and headers from terminal in MacOS

Compiling C++ source codes and headers files from Terminal in macOS is a bit painful if you don’t have any experience with compiling. What I have learned below. Create a Makefile file all: foo.h foo.cpp main.cpp g++ -Wall -o main.out ...

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Optional Parameters in Java: Common Strategies and Approaches

Optional Parameters in Java

Recently, I have written an introduction of default arguments in C++. Now, we are aiming to work with default parameters in Java to see what are similar and different. I don’t tend to get through concepts of default arguments because ...

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How to export environment variables defined in a file

Using environment variables in modern applications is very common https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/79064/how-to-export-variables-from-a-file https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/79084/30988 set -a . ./tmp.txt set +a

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Introduction to default parameters in C++

Default parameters in C++

What is a default parameter? When do you have to use default parameters? How to define a function having default parameters? These questions will be discussed in this post. Let’s get started. What are the default parameters? A default parameter ...

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Deploying a Grails App in a standalone Tomcat Docker container

Dockerise Grails apps in a standalone Tomcat Docker container

Recently, I have written the post to keep how to dockerise Grails apps with an embedded Tomcat. However, we are entirely able to run Grails apps in a standalone Tomcat, particularly deployed in Kubernetes or Docker environment. In this post, ...

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